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California orange crate labels show the beauty, hope, and promise of California in a less-crowded and more pastorial time. Printed between 1880 and the 1950's, by Sunkist and other agricultural companies, the California citrus label has become both a collector's item and a beautiful decorative feature to any home.

LabelFrames.corangem provides labels that are chosen on the basis of their beauty and Southern California origin. All the labels are guaranteed to be original lithographs. Copies and reproductions are never sold by LabelFrames.corangem.

For more information regarding the history of the California citrus industry and valuable historical information about crate labels, click Links above.

LabelFrames.corangem provides framed labels at a low cost and reasonable price. Blank frames for your collection or home display are also available. Below is a description of the frames.

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For years I have seen orange crate labels displayed in high priced wooden frames. I have always thought these frames detracted from the original beauty of an attractive California orange crate label. I also have never understood why people would spend $75.00 or more dollars to have a $12 or $15 dollar orange crate label framed. Framing is expensive. LabelFrames.corangem solves this problem by providing a beautiful low cost frame that shows the label -- and not the frame!

Click here for more examples:

Each frame has been designed to fit most orange crate labels. These labels were originally sized between 9-10 by 10-11 inches. Our frames will display these labels beautifully. Sure, there are some larger crate labels, but you will not find them on LabelFrames.corangem.

Each frame and label is shipped to you in such a way that all you will need is a single nail and less than one minute to add a beautiful California orange crate label to your home decor.

The frames consist of four components: the plexi-glass frame, an acid-free mat backing, a styrofoam backing, and of course, the label of your choice. If you have your own labels, you can purchase frames without labels, thereby saving the high cost of having your labels put in wooden frames. Frames, without labels, are $14.00 each. To purchase blank frames, simply go to the bottom of this page.

Why plexi-glass? For years museums across the country have been using Plexi-glass to protect their works. Plexi-glass is non-glare and protects lithographs from harmful UV light. In addition, plexi-glass eliminates the risk of shattered glass and is much lighter than glass making it easier and safer to handle and hang. In fact, all you will need to hang this frame is a single nail.

Below are some examples of our framed labels displayed in some local homes.

Label at Home Labels at Home

The style is clean and simple. Our frames show the label, not the frame! But the best part is yet to come, and that of course are the variety of labels below:

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Athlete Framed Label, Claremont, CA
Avenue Framed Label, Riverside, CA
Big J Framed Label, San Fransisco, CA
Bronco Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Caledonia Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Caro Amano Framed Label, East Highland, CA
Daisy Framed Label, Covina, CA
Double A
Double A Framed Label, East Highland, CA
Foothill Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Full of Juice Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Gladiola Framed Label, Covina, CA
Gold Buckle Framed Label, East Highland, CA
Goodyear Framed Label, Tulare, CA
Greenspot Framed Label, East Highland, CA


Have One Framed Label, Tulare, CA
Hi Tone Framed Label, Upland, CA
Hill Beauty
Hill Beauty Framed Label, Porterville, CA
Example of Frame
Put your label in a beautiful frame! Order blank frames in quantity here:
Homer Framed Label, Corona, CA
Irvdale Framed Label, Irvine, CA
La Reina Framed Label, Rialto, CA
Lincoln Framed Label, Riverside, CA
Miracle Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Orchard King Framed Label, Covina, CA
Preferred Framed Label, Covina, CA
Premium Framed Label, Fullerton, CA
Tesoro Ranch
Tesoro Ranch - Sold Out
Rebecca Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Royal Knight Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Example of Frame
Put your label in a beautiful frame! Order blank frames in quantity here:
San Antonio
San Antonio Framed Label, San Anton, CA
Serge Framed Label, Irvine, CA
Shamrock Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Sky Rocket Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Summit Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Suntag Framed Label, Placentia, CA
Sunny Heights
Sunny Heights Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Talisman Framed Label, Redlands, CA
Venice Cove Framed Label, Ivanhoe, CA
Example of Frame
Put your label in a beautiful frame! Order blank frames in quantity here:

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This site accepts Debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. In order to use a credit card, simply select check out on the Shopping Cart after you have selected the frames and labels you want.  If you wish to use Paypal the shopping cart has that option as well.  You do not need a Paypal account to use the check out.  Simply check Checkout (the left button) and the bottom of your order and use your Debit Card, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover Card. There is no need set up an account. If you wish to purchase a label through the mail, you can always use the order form found click here. For the fastest purchase use the secure Shopping Cart. It is free and secure. Your privacy is always protected.

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If you do not like to use online shopping, you can always use this Order Form. Complete the order form and mail it with your check or money order to Orders will be filled promptly.

As we all know, prices for shipping at the US Postal Service, have been rising. It's still cheaper than FedEX or UPS, however. We use US Postal Service Priority Mail. All frames and labels are shipped in a USPS Priority Mail box. Local pickups are available if you would like to avoid shipping costs. Discounts are available for large orders of more than 50 frames.

You can always contact us at:
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Returns are accepted for damaged frames or any other reason for 60 days.

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LabelFrames.cOrangem welcomes inquiries for quanities of framed labels and frames alone from retail antique stores, speciality gift shops, or even mom & pop dealers with access to country fairs, local festivals, or crafts events. Feel free to email us at for more information.

The internet is filled with special websites for the label historian, collector, and the curious. The links listed below include an exhaustive search of the best orange crate label sites on the net. These sites contain many more labels than are listed here. If you happen to purchase a prized label from another site, don't forget to return to LabelFrames.corangem for a reasonably-priced beautiful frame.

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